is a collective of designers, engineers, and artists that helps reform and realign industries by backing transformative founders.

At Airfoil, we help industry-shaping ideas in the future of commerce, work, education, and more take flight.

We've designed and built products in web3, the creator economy, the future of work, and much more for 90+ startups since 2019, including Drift Protocol, Utopia Labs, Matrix, Playhouse, and Bonfire recently.

We support founders from inception to hypergrowth, providing product design, branding, illustration, user testing, frontend/backend engineering, and go-to-market support to help projects get off the ground.

We also build and incubate new ventures at Airfoil including Modu Fellowship, our fellowship for rising designers, Mira, our newsletter reading and publishing platform, and Flow, a tool combining software and human intelligence to automate your busywork.

Learn more about our team or text / email us to get started.